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Digitalization of Tourism Industry in Pakistan


Pakistan as a country is going through the digital revolution. This also encompasses the transformation of the tourism industry which is getting revolutionized at the hand of modern technology. Every sector linked with the tourism industry is moving towards the modern means of services which includes the hotel, travel, hospitality, and manufacturing industry. The developed countries including the US and European countries and south Asian countries like India, China, and many other countries are already advanced in this sector but Pakistan is in its Take off stage to digitalize its tourism industry.  Thus, modern technology has a greater prospect to revolutionize the tourism industry in Pakistan and make the delivery of services more easy and accessible to the majority.

Great potential for tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has greater potential for tourism because of its scenic beauty, seasonal variations, rich & diversified culture, historical places, high altitude mountains, rich in mineral and organic substances, and many more. Owing to its snowballing development rate, rise in the inflow of foreign exchange and development of local infrastructure is contributing to the economy of the country. As a result, it brings positive economic and social benefits to the host country. According to World Trade Organization (WTO) 2020, Pakistan’s tourism industry can grow US$39.8 Billion within a decade. This means that along with the immeasurable potential for tourism in Pakistan, digitalization of the industry could even boost the industry to another level. Along with this, the provision of facilities within this sector will become easy, reachable, and manageable for all.

Hunza Duikar
Hunza Duikar

Technological innovation within the hotel industry

The hotel industry has changed its service delivery method in many parts of the developed world. Pakistan along with many other countries is also moving towards a more easygoing and profitable management system that can move the industry towards a new standard. Online booking of hotels is a more prevalent method for the reservation of hotel rooms. The travelers book the hotels through online travel agents, which are convenient and affordable for them while sitting on their computer. This system has made travel easier and accessible to the tourists within their allocated budgets. Also, the tourists are able to estimate their cost of traveling and staying before they go on a vacation.

Online booking services for travelling

The whole world has moved from the conventional method of reservation of seats for traveling to a more easy and expedient method of online booking. National and international flights are booked with a few steps through the online system and reservations are made and the payments for the tickets are paid through the online banking system. Similarly, the tickets for public vehicles, trains, and other means of transportation within a country or city are also booked through the online method, which has made traveling easy and within a short time.

skardu shangrila lake
Skardu Shangrila Lake Gilgit Baltistn

Social media publicity and marketing of Touristic destinations

The boom of social media has takeover the whole world in its lap. Every aspect of human life and the environment is evolving on social media. Along with many other aspects, the tourism industry has been greatly influenced by this medium of technological advancement and communication system. Each and every part of the world is being portrayed on social media which has brought the whole world on a single platform. Thus, the touristic spots, historical & religious places, the indigenous culture, and other aspects are publicized and marketed on this platform which is creating new paths for the promotion of tourism in the country. Moreover, this medium has a positive facet that has portrayed the good image of the country and more tourists are attracted towards the new and breathtaking destinations in Pakistan.


The advancement in information and communication technology has made the world a global village. With this advancement, every aspect of life has changed and moved towards a digital world. The tourism industry which is one of the leading and animatedly developing sectors has become one of the prominent and rapidly growing industries in the world. Pakistan is also on the road towards the digitalization of its tourism industry, which is showing positive growth in the future and will contribute to the GDP of the country. Meanwhile, moving this specific sector towards the digital system will make it easy and more cost-effective for the host country as well as for the tourists. Furthermore, portraying the good image and touristic spots of the country through social media and other means will add to the growth of the tourism sector in Pakistan.

Written By Nahida Karim

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naina satti
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