You are currently viewing Big news for Pakistan regarding corona vaccine

Big news for Pakistan regarding corona vaccine

Pakistan apologizes for accepting the World Bank loan offer for corona vaccine funding.

According to News, the World Bank agreed to provide a loan to Pakistan. The World Bank offered a new loan to Pakistan for vaccine funding, on which Pakistan apologized for not accepting.

Sources said that Pakistan had sought permission from the World Bank for the re-use of past loans, after which the World Bank allowed the use of past loans. According to sources in the Ministry of Health, the World Bank had given a loan of 155 million dollars to Pakistan for PRP.

Pakistan has 153 million dollars of PRP secured. Yes, the Ministry of Health has allocated 13 million dollars in this regard. Pakistan will go for the booking of the Corona vaccine after getting approval from the world bank. It is to be remembered that countries across the world have started booking the covid -19 vaccine.

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